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Until recently the issue of sexuality has always been an interesting topic to discuss. This is possible because of sexual problems has become a matter that is inherent in human beings. Sexuality can not be avoided by living things, because the sex of living beings can endure to preserve their offspring.

In adolescence curiosity of sexual problems are very important in the formation of a new, more mature relationship with the opposite sex. Whereas in adolescence the information about sexual problems should be started, so that teenagers do not seek information from others or from sources that are not obvious or even totally wrong. Provision of information sexual problems become even more important given the teenagers are sexually active in the potential, because it relates to hormone-influenced sex drive and often do not have enough information about their own sexual activity (Handbook of Adolecent psychology, 1980). Of course it would be very harmful to the mental development of youth when he did not have the appropriate knowledge and information. Facts show that most teens do not know the impact of sexual behavior that they do, often adolescents are not mature for sexual intercourse especially if you have to bear the risk of sexual relations.

Due to the increasing interest in adolescent sexual problems and is in an active sexual potency, then the teenager trying to find various information about it. Of the sources of information that they managed to get, in general only a few teenagers who get sexual intricacies of her parents. Therefore, adolescents seek or obtain information from various sources which may be obtained, such as at school or college, discuss with friends, books about sex, the media or the internet.

Entering the new millennium it is appropriate when the parents and the educators to be more responsive in protecting and educating children and adolescents in order extra careful of social phenomena, especially those associated with sexual problems, which continues today. Along with the development that happens it's time delivery of information and knowledge of sexuality issues in children and adolescents increased. View of most people who think sexuality is a natural thing, which will be known by itself after they are married so it is considered a taboo to be discussed openly, it seems gradually to be changed. It's time this view must be straightened to avoid things that are unwanted and harmful for children and youth as the future generation. Teenagers who become pregnant out of wedlock, abortion, venereal disease, etc., are examples of some of the harsh reality that often occur in adolescents as a result of a false understanding of sexuality.

Characteristics of Adolescent Sexual

Sexual sense in general is something that is related to the genitals or other matters relating to matters intimate relationship between men and women. Sexual characters of each gender has different specifications such as this is the opinion of the following: Sexual characteristics are Divided into two types. Primary sexual characteristics are directly related to reproduction and include the sex organs (genitalia). Secondary sexual characteristics are attributes other than the sex organs That Generally distinguish one sex from the other but are not essential to reproduction, Such as the larger breasts characteristic of women and the facial hair and deeper voices characteristic of men (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2002)

Opinion was in line with the opinion of Hurlock (1991), a developmental psychologist, who proposed secondary sex signs are important to men and women. According to Hurlock, in young men: growing pubic hair, the skin becomes rough, growing larger and stronger muscles, enlarged, and another voice, another. While in young women: hips widen, breasts begin to grow, grow pubic hair, started having periods, and others.

Along with primary and secondary growth toward maturity in adolescents is perfect, there is also the desire and the urge to channel their sexual desires. It is a complete natural as sex drive naturally this had to happen to channel the love between two beings, as a function of breeding and maintaining descent.

Sexual Behavior

Sexual behavior is any behavior that is driven by sexual desire, either with the opposite sex or same sex. The forms of this behavior can be varied, ranging from attraction to dating behavior, and coitus was bu ***. Sexual objects can be a person, either similar or opposite sex, or a person in self-delusion. Some of this behavior does not have an impact, especially when no physical impact to the person concerned or social environment. But some sexual behavior (which is done before the time) it can have very serious psychological impact, such as guilt, depression, anger, and aggression.

While the psychosocial effect arising from sexual behavior, among others, mental tension and confusion about the social role that the sudden change, for example in the case of teenagers who become pregnant out of wedlock. Not to mention the pressure from the community who denounce and reject these circumstances. Besides other risk is the disruption of health is concerned, the risk of fetal abnormalities and high infant mortality rate. Besides, pregnant teen dropout rate is also very high, this is due to the shame and denial teen schools accept students who become pregnant outside of wedlock. Economic problems also will make these problems become more complicated and complex.

A variety of sexual behavior in adolescents who have not time to have sex naturally, among others known as:

1. Masturbation or masturbation is a bad habit of manipulation of the genitals in order to channel sexual desire for the fulfillment of pleasure that often leads to personal and emotional shock.

2. Dating a variety of sexual behaviors such as light touch, holding hands to the kisses and touches of sex which is essentially a desire to enjoy and satisfy sexual urges.

3. Various activities that lead to the gratification of sexual urges that basically showed no successful person in control or failure to divert drive to the other activities that actually still be done.

The urge or desire for sexual intercourse always appears in adolescents, therefore when there is no corresponding distribution (married) then it should be an attempt to provide understanding and knowledge about it.

The factors that are considered instrumental in the emergence of sexual problems in adolescents, according to Sarlito W. Sarwono (Adolescent Psychology, 1994) are as follows:

1. Hormonal changes that increase young people's sexual desire. The increase of these hormones causes teens need distribution in the form of a specific behavior

2. Distribution can not be done immediately because of the delay age of marriage, either in law because the law on marriage, or because of social norms that are increasingly demanding an ever-increasing requirements for marriage (education, employment, mental preparation, etc. )

3. Religious norms in force, where a person prohibited from having sexual relations before marriage. For teens who can not help myself have a tendency to break these things.

4. The trend is increasing due to violations of the spread of information and stimulation through the mass media which with advanced technology (eg: VCD, mimeographed books, photos, magazines, internet, etc.) becomes unstoppable. Teens who are in a period of curious and want to try, will imitate what seen or heard from the media, because in general they have never fully know the sexual problems of his parents.

5. Parents themselves, either because of ignorance or because he was still mentabukan discussion about sex with children, making them not open to children, and even tends to make the distance with a child in this matter.

6. There is a tendency that the more freely between men and women in society, as a result of the growing role and education of women, making women more equal status with men.

Sexual Education

According Sarlito in his book Psychology of Youth (1994), in general sexual education is a matter of information about human sexuality are clear and correct, which includes the process of conception, pregnancy to birth, sexual behavior, sexual relations, and aspects of health, mental and community. The issue of sexual education should be given related to the prevailing norms in society, what is forbidden, what dilazimkan and how to do it without violating the rules that apply in the community.

Sexual education is a way of teaching or education that could help the youth to face the problems of life are rooted in sexual drive. Thus sexual education is intended to explain all things related to sex and sexuality in a reasonable form. According Singgih, D. Gunarsa, delivery of material should be given sex education from an early age when children have started asking about the gender differences between himself and others, continuous and gradual, tailored to the needs and ages of children and the grasp of a child (in practical psychology, children, adolescents and families, 1991). In this case the sexual education should ideally be given the first time by parents at home, given that most know the situation of children is the parents themselves. But unfortunately in Indonesia, not all parents would be open to children in discussing sexual issues. Besides socio-economic level and education level are heterogeneous in Indonesia led to some parents who are willing and able to provide information about sex but many more who can not afford and do not understand the problem. In this case, the actual role of education is enormous.

Sexual Education Objectives

Sexual education in addition to explain the anatomical aspects and also explain about the biological aspects of psychological and moral. Proper sex education should include elements of human rights. Also the values ​​of culture and religion are included so it would be a good character and moral education as well.

According to Mohamad Kartono good sexual education has the objective to foster family and responsible parenthood (Panel Discussion Islam And Sex Education For Teens, 1991). Some experts say a good sexual education should be equipped with ethics education, education about the relationship between human beings both in relation to the family and in society. Also said that the purpose of sexual education is not to create curiosity and want to try sexual intercourse among adolescents, but want to prepare for teens to know about sexuality and the consequences if done without obey the rule of law, religion and customs as well as mental and material readiness one. Besides sexual education also aims to provide knowledge and educate children to behave well in terms of sex, according to the norms of religious, social and morals (Tirto Husodo, Seksualitet in the world to know teenagers, 1987)

Translation of the purpose of sexual education more fully as follows:

1. Provide an adequate understanding of the physical changes, mental and emotional maturation process associated with sexual problems in adolescents.

2. Reduce fear and anxiety in connection with the development and sexual adjustment (roles, demands and responsibilities)

3. Shape attitudes and giving meaning to sex in all its varied manifestations

4. Gives the sense that the relationship between man can bring satisfaction to both individual and family life.

5. Provide an understanding of the needs of the moral values ​​that are essential to provide a rational basis in making decisions related to sexual behavior.

6. Provide knowledge about the error and sexual perversion that individuals can protect themselves and against the exploitation that can interfere with physical and mental health.

7. To reduce prostitution, sexual fear of the irrational and excessive sexual exploration.

8. Providing understanding and condition that can make individuals engage in sexual activities effectively and creatively in a variety of roles, such as a wife or husband, parents, community members.

So the purpose of sexual education is to establish a healthy emotional attitude toward sexual issues and guiding children and young adults toward living a healthy and responsible sexual life. This is so that they do not think sex is a disgusting and filthy. But rather as an innate human, which is God's grace and function essential to the continuity of human life, and so the children can learn to appreciate her sexual abilities and the only channel that impulse for a specific purpose (good) and at a certain time only.

Some Tips

The experts argue that the best educators are the parents of the children themselves. Education provided is included in sexual education. In discussing sexual problems are very personal and requires an intimate atmosphere, open of heart to heart between parents and children. This will be more easily created between mother and daughter or father with his son, though not closed the possibility can be realized if done between mother and son or father with his daughter. Then try not to appear such complaints do not know where to start, stiffness, confusion and ran out of conversation.

In providing sex education to children should not wait until the child asks about sex. Should sex education be given in a planned, according to the circumstances and needs of children. We recommend that when the child was a teenager, where the process of maturity both physically, and mentally begin to arise and grow towards maturity.

Some important things to provide sexual education, as defined by Singgih D. Gunarsa (1995) below, may be worth your attention:

1. How to present it must be fair and simple, do not look hesitant or embarrassed.

2. The contents of the description given should be objective, but do not explain the no-no, as if intended to make the child will not ask again, should use examples or symbols such as: the process of fertilization in plants, as far as noting that the description remains rational.

3. Shallow or deep content of the description should be tailored to the needs and the stage of child development. Of children age 9 or 10 years have not t need to explain in full about the behavior or actions in relation to sex, because the development of all aspects of his personality is not yet reached the stage of maturity to be able to absorb in-depth description of the problem.

4. Sexual education should be given in person, because of the narrowness extensive knowledge quickly than the stages of development are not the same for every child. With a personal approach to the manner and content of the description can be tailored to the specific circumstances of children.

5. In the end should be noted that sexual education should try to carry out repetitive (repetitive) but it is also necessary to know how far things new understanding can be absorbed by children, also need to remind and reinforce (reinforcement) what has been known to actually become part of his knowledge.

I'm sure there are other ways you can use in educating your teenager. Final words I hope this article can be useful for adolescents, parents and educators in shaping the nation's youth into the next generation who have a higher quality of life in the face of a formidable challenge in the future

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